GIM Foundation Limited

GIM Foundation Limited is a passionate, values-driven organisation dedicated to overcoming poverty and injustice for vulnerable children across the world. With a strong commitment towards providing life-changing education, clean water, sanitation, and economic empowerment, GIM has made a significant impact in remote areas of West Africa over the past decade. Their mission to provide a brighter, happier future for children in need is supported by collaborations with international partners such as Mahboba's Promise and I Hope International. Together, they work to address crises like earthquakes, floods, and humanitarian emergencies, ensuring communities can rebuild and prosper. GIM Foundation also embraces the spiritual aspects of their mission through Islamic gifts, featuring Ramadan giving, Zakat al-Mal, Sadaqah Jariyah, and Qurban. By joining GIM Foundation's motivated team, you'll become part of a global movement committed to empowering future generations in overcoming their struggles. Your skills and passion will contribute to making a true difference in the lives of those most in need as you help create long-lasting, meaningful change in communities around the world.