Grey New Ltd is a passionate and dedicated organisation that seeks to reduce suicide rates, enhance life expectancy and improve overall well-being by fostering better connectivity and relationship skills. With a diverse team of professionals based in Brisbane, their mission is to ensure that every school in Australia has access to quality Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) resources. Grey New provides flexible and comprehensive Health and Physical Education (HPE) and Wellbeing learning solutions that meet the national requirements for Personal Social and Community Health, while focusing on essential social-emotional skill development. Their modular resources, which cater to the unique needs of different schools and communities, tackle 25 hot topics (such as vaping, consent, and body image), addressing underlying stressors and pressures faced by students. By joining Grey New Ltd, you will have the opportunity to contribute to building vital resources and programs for schools, fostering positive and lasting change in the lives of young people across rural and urban communities. Become a part of this values-driven organisation that is dedicated to making a lasting impact on the well-being and connectivity of students throughout Australia.