Glass Jar Australia Limited

Glass Jar Australia Limited, through its Shooting Stars initiative, is dedicated to empowering Aboriginal girls and women across Western and South Australia. By helping them make informed choices about their education and employment journey, they enable participants to chase their dreams and shoot for the stars. They operate across 20 sites, with over 1,000 empowered participants and 60+ dedicated employees. Shooting Stars believes in the importance of community voices and upholds the values stated in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Special emphasis is given to fostering positive social and emotional wellbeing skills, as well as encouraging participants to develop their passions. Projects like Art with the Stars, Kaya Kwopetok Koorlang Yok, and Deadly Minds Matter further showcase their commitment to promoting Aboriginal culture and values. Their programs create strong pathways for young Aboriginal women leaders and provide impactful research opportunities. By joining Glass Jar Australia Limited, you will become an integral part of helping Aboriginal girls and women reach their full potential. As a team member, you will contribute to the creation of meaningful connections, opportunities, and impact in regional and remote communities across Australia. Are you ready to support the next generation of empowered Aboriginal girls and women? Join Glass Jar Australia Limited today and be part of the change.