Good Shepherd Parish

Good Shepherd Parish is a warm and welcoming community-focused organisation that offers a fantastic NFP career opportunity for individuals wanting to be part of a supportive and compassionate environment. Located in the beautiful Parish of Mulgrave, Good Shepherd Parish Catholic Church works diligently to enhance the lives of local families and individuals, as well as strengthen the unity and spirituality of their community. As a member of the Good Shepherd team, you'll be an essential part of promoting their values of empathy, collaboration, and faith. Your contribution can help create a dynamic and active atmosphere for the congregation, providing opportunities to grow and learn with various parish groups and engaging activities. In addition to joining a dedicated team of professionals who work to foster spiritual and social bonds, you'll also have the chance to collaborate on special events and activities that give back to the local community. This NFP career opportunity offers a sense of purpose and satisfaction – an opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of others. With Good Shepherd Parish, you'll feel inspired to help cultivate an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere – touching lives and creating a world filled with love, compassion, and friendship. So, if you're seeking a more fulfilling and values-driven career, Good Shepherd Parish is the ideal organisation for you.