Goomalling Mens Shed And Prostate Group Incorporated

Goomalling Mens Shed and Prostate Group Incorporated is a dedicated not-for-profit organisation that focuses on enriching the lives and enhancing the wellbeing and health of local men. Through creating a safe and accepting environment for all men to find camaraderie and support, they have successfully established themselves as an integral part of the Western Australia community. With 182 sheds and over 7,000 active members, Goomalling Men's Shed plays a significant role in providing opportunities for men to pursue their creative hobbies, learn new skills, and forge valuable friendships. At its core, the organisation is driven by the principles of acceptance, mateship, and activity, making it an inspiring place to work towards the betterment of the entire community. By working for Goomalling Men's Shed, you will not only contribute to the creation of safe and encouraging spaces for men but also participate in enhancing their personal wellbeing through various projects and initiatives. Your efforts will help support the organisation in providing much-needed resources, such as tools and mentorship, while also fostering strong connections with the traditional landowners and corporate partners. Join the dedicated team at Goomalling Men's Shed and Prostate Group Incorporated, and make a positive difference in the lives of countless individuals across Western Australia.