Gordonvale Community Kindergarten Association Incorporated

Gordonvale Community Kindergarten Association Incorporated is a non-profit organisation passionate about providing a safe, nurturing, and play-based learning environment for children aged 3.5 to 4.5 years old. Founded by the caring and dedicated community of Gordonvale, this organisation values strong ties with not only their families but also local businesses and groups. Here, each day is tailored to the children's interests, encouraging them to explore, learn, and engage with a variety of activities in a spacious and thoughtfully planned environment. The passionate team at Gordonvale Community Kindergarten Association focuses on child-initiated, child-directed, and adult-supported play. They believe in fostering open relationships with families and actively promote parent input and involvement in their daily operations and programming decisions. With a strong emphasis on environmental engagement and individualized learning experiences, working for the organisation is an opportunity to make a genuine impact on young lives, preparing them for school and beyond. Join Gordonvale Community Kindergarten Association Incorporated to inspire, nurture, and support children as they embark on a magical journey of exploration, discovery, and learning. Become a part of this values-driven community and help shape the next generation of curious, capable, and collaborative individuals!