Gospel Future Fund

At Gospel Future Fund, they believe in empowering the Christian community by providing strategic planning, seed capital, and guidance necessary to create a lasting impact for Christ’s Kingdom. This not-for-profit organisation strives to support church growth, multiply their work, and implement self-funding projects aiming to foster a thriving Christian environment. As a member of the team at Gospel Future Fund, you would play a crucial role in supporting church plants with seed funding, helping them in their journey towards becoming established, healthy, evangelistic, and multiplying congregations. Furthermore, you would be integral in nurturing the next generation of church leaders through leadership grants, developing apprenticeships, and collaborations within the community. This unique opportunity offers you a chance to be part of a values-driven, committed, and passionate team that endeavors to bring about positive transformation within the Christian community. Gospel Future Fund's warm and supportive atmosphere, coupled with their shared goals to advance Christ's Kingdom, make it an ideal organisation for those looking to make a meaningful contribution within the non-profit sector. Are you ready to be part of something special? Consider joining the Gospel Future Fund family today and help shape a brighter future for Christian organisations.