Got Your Back Sista Ltd.

Got Your Back Sista Ltd. is a compassionate and dedicated organisation that strives to provide relief and support to women and children who have escaped the trauma of family violence. They play a crucial role in helping survivors create safe homes and rebuild their physical and emotional well-being. By offering resources such as furniture, courses, and programs focused on personal development, Got Your Back Sista empowers individuals to regain control and confidence. They also provide pathways to education and employment, ensuring a brighter future for survivors. Got Your Back Sista acknowledges the importance of working together as a community, leading campaigns to raise awareness about domestic violence and its devastating effects. As a team member of this inspiring NFP organisation, you have the opportunity to make a genuine, positive impact on the lives of others. Working for Got Your Back Sista means contributing to a brighter, safer future where women and children can heal and flourish. Realise your potential to create change and join Got Your Back Sista in their mission to break the cycle of violence and uplift those in need.