Gr8Motive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation

Gr8Motive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation is a values-driven, not-for-profit organisation, championing the empowerment, motivation, and cultural connection of Indigenous Australians. Led by a passionate team of Indigenous individuals, Gr8Motive provides culturally appropriate programs and services, in collaboration with local Elders, cultural mentors, and community organisations. Working at Gr8Motive offers the unique opportunity to join a mission-focused organisation, dedicated to providing tailored support for Indigenous people and their communities, through education, mentoring, and family support. Their wide range of services span from youth justice and child protection to housing, employment, and training – all aimed at improving mental, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing across generations. Gr8Motive's strong community ties and partnerships with culturally appropriate service providers across Australia enable a comprehensive, wrap-around approach to support services, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling career for those seeking to make a difference in the lives of Indigenous children, youth, and families. By joining Gr8Motive, you become part of a caring, supportive team that's committed to empowering Indigenous Australians to build better futures for their communities and future generations, while fostering cultural connections and human rights-focused advocacy.