Grupo Pastoral "Don Bosco" Incorporated

At Grupo Pastoral Don Bosco Incorporated, they believe in the power of education and professional training to transform the lives of orphaned and disadvantaged children. Through the kind donations and contributions of their community, they work tirelessly to support these children in shaping their futures and becoming positive contributors to society. Their mission transcends monetary aid; they strive to instill strong moral values in the children and help rehabilitated youths re-assimilate into society as good citizens. By assisting these young individuals in becoming architects of their own destinies, Grupo Pastoral Don Bosco plays a pivotal role in promoting positive change within the communities they serve. Their fundraising events offer opportunities for members of the community to get involved in various capacities. From event organisation and promotion to donating or sponsoring a child, there are countless ways to lend a hand in realizing Grupo Pastoral Don Bosco's vision of a brighter future for these children. When you join their caring, collaborative team, you become part of an organisation that profoundly impacts the lives of the children they serve, demonstrating the power of unity and compassion in action. So why wait? Be part of Grupo Pastoral Don Bosco Incorporated and play a role in transforming lives and communities for the better.