Gympie District Show Society Inc

At the heart of the vibrant Gympie community lies the esteemed Gympie District Show Society Inc, an organisation that brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate and appreciate the region's diverse talent, agricultural excellence, and unique creativity. As a cherished annual tradition, the Gympie Show unites the community in an exciting, engaging, and fun-filled atmosphere where producers, artists, and thrill-seekers can truly shine. Working at Gympie District Show Society Inc offers the unparalleled opportunity to contribute to an organisation driven by values of inclusivity, teamwork, and local pride. Employees can see the direct impact of their efforts as they help produce unforgettable events and foster lasting connections within the community, such as rodeos, live shows, competitions, and the renowned Showgirl events. With an unwavering commitment to highlighting the best of Gympie, the Show Society creatively showcases the community's spirit and resilience to thousands of visitors every year. Come and join the Gympie District Show Society Inc, and be a part of celebrating and championing this incredible community, while forging friendships and nurturing professional development in a rewarding and lively environment.