HALT (Hope Assistance Local Tradies)

Hope Assistance Local Tradies (HALT) is an inspiring non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of tradies in Australia. At HALT, the mission is to create an environment where every tradie has the knowledge and resources to care for their mental wellbeing. The HALT team works tirelessly to build bridges between local and national support services, facilitating the spread of vital information and breaking the stigma attached to mental health issues. Working for HALT means making a real difference in the lives of individuals at risk of suicide, especially those in 'tradie' occupations. By joining the passionate and committed team, employees become part of a culture that prioritises open conversations and providing practical help for people in need. Employees are instrumental in organising events such as the 'Save Your Bacon' series aimed at raising awareness and support for at-risk individuals. Together with the HALT family, employees can find pride in being part of an organisation that actively seeks to save lives and promote mental health awareness within the community. Be part of a life-changing movement and help create a brighter, healthier future for tradies in Australia. Join HALT and contribute to a meaningful and rewarding cause.