At Hanaru Women's Health Fundraising Inc, the team is dedicated to creating an empowered future for young girls and women across India. With five inspiring goals and a strong commitment to education, health, and sustainability, Hanaru's mission is truly life-changing. By joining the dedicated team of like-minded individuals at Hanaru, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of countless girls and women. Through their innovative approach to creating hygienic, reusable sanitary napkins, Hanaru supports girls in staying in school and pursuing their dreams, defying the odds attributed to menstruation. Encompassing values of environmental responsibility, education, and equality, Hanaru also creates job opportunities for local women through their napkin production. By working together, they strive to eliminate the discrimination, inequality, and isolation faced by females during their perfectly natural monthly cycles. Hanaru acknowledges the rich history and culture of First Australian peoples and actively aims to contribute positively towards their community. United by a common goal to empower and foster resilience in girls and women, Hanaru is an organisation that inspires and paves the way for a better future. Join the Hanaru team now, and be a part of this outstanding mission to transform lives and communities for the better.