Healthy Mind Menu Inc. is an inspiring non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting mental well-being for those working in the hospitality industry. Recognising that a key ingredient to success in hospitality is its people, Healthy Mind Menu addresses the unique challenges faced by service-focused professionals in a rapidly changing and competitive field. With mental health emerging as a critical issue, 80% of hospitality workers report experiencing symptoms related to mental health. The organisation's core values centre on fostering a supportive and collaborative workplace culture by providing resources, promoting awareness, and encouraging well-being practices. The Healthy Mind Pyramid, a cornerstone of their approach, emphasises five vital elements: sleep, nutrition, connectedness, physical activity, and downtime. Be a part of Healthy Mind Menu's mission to create positive change within the industry by helping others achieve a healthy work-life balance. By dedicating your talents and expertise to this noble cause, you'll be instrumental in developing tools and resources to improve mental health and support hospitality workers. This is an exciting opportunity to join a truly transformative initiative and contribute to a healthier, happier future for all hospitality professionals.