Home Grown Musicals (AUS) Ltd. is an inspiring and innovative non-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing and promoting the exciting world of original Australian musical theatre. With a steadfast commitment to uplifting local talent, Home Grown takes pride in fostering a close-knit community centered around creativity, collaboration, and passion for the performing arts. Driven by strong values of creativity, inclusivity, and artistic excellence, Home Grown strives to be a true catalyst for positive change in the Australian entertainment industry. Their exceptional initiatives, such as engaging workshops, writer's retreats, and enriching educational programs, provide a supportive platform for aspiring and established artists to share their work, broaden their skills, and create meaningful connections with their peers. As a part of Home Grown Musicals, you will have the unique opportunity to work in an environment where your contributions can help shape the future of national talent and further the growth of Australian musical theatre. Become a part of this vibrant organisation and embark on an exhilarating journey filled with creative challenges, opportunities for personal growth, and the joy of witnessing incredible homegrown stories come to life on stage.