Habitat Restoration Fund

Habitat Restoration Fund (HRF) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting and restoring Australia's natural ecosystems. Founded in 2006, HRF is an inspiring organisation to work with, as they take on a hands-on approach to preserve the local environment. The organisation is vibrant with unique features such as focusing on on-ground implementation of projects, working on private as well as public land, and employing professional environmental contractors to work alongside passionate volunteers. Moreover, HRF provides opportunities for disadvantaged people to get involved in meaningful activities and maintains a non-political stance. With a firm belief that Aussie animals need homes too, HRF aims to reconnect fragmented ecosystems, educate communities, repair habitats, restore wetlands and creeks, and form cooperative relationships between community groups, governments, and environmental stakeholders. By working with Habitat Restoration Fund, you’ll be contributing to a lasting impact on Australia's natural ecosystems, ensuring that the country's diverse flora and fauna can continue to flourish. Join HRF and be part of the change the world needs!