Happy Feat Inc

Welcome to Happy Feat Inc, an empowering non-profit organisation that provides a caring, supportive, and fun environment for individuals with special needs and differing abilities. Through dance, members ranging from 16 to 65 years old are given the opportunity to showcase their extraordinary talents and abilities, proving that they are not defined by their disabilities. The organisation holds a variety of performances in Townsville and North Queensland - including events with celebrities like Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem - to break down barriers, promote acceptance, and create life-changing experiences for their Happy Feat members. These incredible dancers have challenges such as acquired brain injuries, Down Syndrome, autism, and hearing impairments, but with the help of dedicated and passionate volunteers, they are given the opportunity to flourish, grow, and become more confident. Through just two hours of dancing each week, they learn valuable life skills, form friendships, develop social skills, and interact with people from all walks of life. Join Happy Feat Inc and experience the contagious and uplifting energy of these incredible individuals, as they create a more inclusive and accepting world through the power of dance.