Harmony- The Dombroski Foundation Limited

Harmony - The Dombroski Foundation Limited is a remarkable non-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing personal development through Anthroposophically inspired arts, therapies, and education. Established in 2001, the foundation operates from Harmony Village, a serene community set within a beautiful orchard sanctuary in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. With a focus on community and social interaction, Harmony offers a range of diverse activities, events, and workshops aimed at cultivating various art forms and spiritual studies. From sculpture and painting to drama and puppetry, the foundation provides the necessary materials, venues, and opportunities for individuals to immerse themselves in artistic endeavours. The Dombroski Foundation also supports the Southern Highlands Rudolf Steiner School through SHASE, further demonstrating its commitment to providing holistic, values-driven education for children. With its warm and nurturing environment, Harmony invites individuals to join their mission of inspiring personal growth and uplifting the human spirit. Are you ready to make a difference not just for yourself, but for the world? Embrace the opportunity to work with Harmony - The Dombroski Foundation Limited and help shape a brighter future for all.