Healing Rooms Australia Incorporated

Join the passionate team at Healing Rooms Australia Incorporated, an organisation dedicated to transforming lives through the healing ministry of Jesus. Working with this committed group, you'll have the opportunity to impact countless individuals throughout the nation, offering hope and restoration to those in need. As part of the International Association of Healing Rooms based in Spokane, Washington, USA, you'll find yourself in collaboration with thousands of like-minded professionals across the globe, dedicated to bringing healing and miracles back to Christian ministry. Furthermore, your role in Healing Rooms Australia will contribute significantly to the ongoing expansion of these vital services, ensuring that the healing touch of Jesus reaches more people than ever before. At Healing Rooms Australia Incorporated, you'll find a supportive, values-driven environment guided by a strict code of conduct and a commitment to safe ministry practices. All team members align themselves with the goal of healing the sick in Jesus' name and introducing people to their faith. With opportunities ranging from starting new Healing Rooms to joining existing teams or attending training seminars and conferences, there's no limit to the positive impact you can make in this organisation. So why wait? Let your passion for healing and personal growth find a home in Healing Rooms Australia Incorporated.