Heartfulness Institute

At the Heartfulness Institute, you have the opportunity to join a dedicated team of volunteers who believe in the power of a heart-centred lifestyle. As a global non-profit organisation, the institute brings together over a million like-minded practitioners across 130 countries. This dynamic community focuses on teaching and implementing relaxation, meditation, and self-development techniques that are proven to reduce stress, enhance emotional intelligence and improve overall well-being. When you contribute to the Heartfulness Institute as an employee, you're not only embracing personal growth but also positively impacting countless lives around the world. Our mission goes beyond merely teaching meditation; we aim to foster an environment in which each individual can cultivate a calming, balanced lifestyle and develop a deep understanding of themselves. By offering scientifically grounded techniques, we promote personal transformation in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. If you're ready to embark on a meaningful journey and join us in spreading peace, unity, and self-awareness, the Heartfulness Institute is the ideal place for you. With a strong focus on collaboration and compassion, your experiences here will inspire growth and help shape a more conscious, heartful world. Discover the joys of working for an organisation where every employee matters, values are cherished, and each person's potential can be fully realised.