Hellenic Community Benevolent Assoc Inc

Imagine working for an organisation with a rich history of nearly 100 years, focused on strengthening the religious, moral, mental, and social conditions of its members! The Hellenic Community Benevolent Association Inc (HCWA) is dedicated to serving the greater Western Australia community and inviting people of all backgrounds to become a part of their vibrant family. With an emphasis on promoting Hellenic culture and values, they have established various services and programs, including aged care, a reputable school, a theater company, and many more. Founded in 1923, the HCWA has made significant strides by upholding their mission and honoring their founding members. The community is filled with great traditions, and they continuously strive to fulfill their calling of philotimo - a unique Greek concept that encapsulates honor, respect, and duty to family and community. By joining the HCWA, you will not only be part of a warm, welcoming community but also contribute to an admirable legacy that focuses on achieving great things for years to come.