Hello Initiative Incorporated

Hello Initiative Incorporated is a values-driven, volunteer-run organisation dedicated to shaking things up in the youth justice sector. With a mission to improve social and judicial outcomes for West Australian young people involved in the justice system, they believe in a better way to support young individuals and make communities safer simultaneously. As a social impact innovation agency, Hello Initiative is committed to serving young people and communities engaged in criminal justice. Embracing innovative ideas, Hello Initiative runs various programs aiming at generating impactful change – from Mobile Support Project, providing refurbished smartphones to young people in justice, to the Monday Best Clothing Bank and the Circuit Breaker innovation engine room. They are constantly seeking new ideas to create a better system and achieve positive change in the lives of justice-involved youth. Being a part of Hello Initiative means working in a vibrant, collaborative environment where your passion for justice, creativity, and desire to make a real difference can truly thrive. So, join the Hello Initiative family and contribute to a transformative and lasting impact on the future of West Australian youth justice.