Helping Hands Mission Inc.

Helping Hands Mission Inc. is a passionate not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting Victorian families in need. With five bustling op-shops across Melbourne's north-west suburbs, the funds raised contribute to the delivery of emergency and material aid programs to over 500 families every week. By working alongside a warm and engaged team of 300 regular volunteers, Helping Hands Mission ensures those affected by homelessness, domestic violence, natural disasters, and the COVID-19 pandemic have access to essential goods such as food, toiletries, white goods, bedding, and furniture. Whether you're an individual, family, school, small business, or corporate, you can make a difference by joining the inspiring Helping Hands Mission community. Feel pride in knowing your work contributes to helping struggling families regain stability in their lives. As you become immersed in the world of retail, vintage fashion, and unique homewares, you'll not only discover the impact of your generosity but also create lasting connections with like-minded individuals driven by values of empathy, collaboration, and optimism. Join Helping Hands Mission Inc. today and play an active role in making life better for those who need it most.