Hinterland Bush Links Inc.

Hinterland Bush Links Inc. is a passionate, community-driven, not-for-profit environmental organisation dedicated to empowering and supporting local landholders in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland area. Their mission is to connect, restore, and protect native vegetation, creating landscape-scale wildlife corridors and preserving biodiversity in this unique and stunning region. Since 2011, Hinterland Bush Links has focused on habitat restoration in strategic locations, bridging crucial nature hubs, fostering strong community involvement, and providing education to raise awareness of conservation. The organisation collaborates with landholders, volunteers, and the wider community on projects such as Roving Restorers, Upper Mary Valley Weed Vine Project, and the Hinterland Koala Habitat Project. They believe that by working together, amazing things can be achieved. Hinterland Bush Links values every individual who contributes to their cause, acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the original custodians of the land, and paying respect to the traditional custodians of the region, the Kabi Kabi, Jinibara, and Wakka Wakka peoples. By joining Hinterland Bush Links Inc., you have the opportunity to work alongside dedicated individuals driven to make a meaningful impact on both the environment and the community. Your efforts will help secure a thriving and vibrant future for the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and its unique habitat. Come be a part of something truly inspiring!