Historic Heart of Perth Inc

Historic Heart of Perth Inc is a remarkable not-for-profit organisation committed to revitalizing Perth's east end, a charming area spanning from Barrack Street to Hill Street. Encompassing a rich tapestry of history and culture, this organisation believes in the importance of preserving and celebrating Perth's heritage for the enjoyment and education of both present and future generations. Working for Historic Heart of Perth Inc presents an inspiring opportunity to be part of a dedicated team that makes a tangible difference in maintaining the unique identity of the city. The organisation's passion for honouring the intertwining elements of Perth's urban and natural environment, as well as celebrating its Indigenous connections, reflects a deep-rooted love for the community it serves. By joining Historic Heart of Perth Inc, you'll be part of fulfilling their mission of preserving the heritage and vitality of one of Australia's most treasured destinations. Be inspired to contribute to an exciting journey that weaves together Perth's history, culture, and community spirit, and helps to define the city's exceptional identity for generations to come.