Hope Behind Bars Inc.

Hope Behind Bars Inc. is a dedicated group of volunteers based in Australia, committed to reaching out to prisoners in Thailand to provide hope and encouragement. With over 300,000 individuals enduring harsh conditions in Thai prisons, this registered charity in Queensland, Australia, aims to support these prisoners in various ways, both during their incarceration and upon their release. Their mission is driven by underlying Christian values, which emphasize the preciousness of life, the power of forgiveness, and the abundant freedom found in Jesus Christ. Hope Behind Bars Inc. believes in the ministry of reconciliation, bringing people closer to God and to each other. This belief is manifested through the organisation's practical outreach efforts, including writing letters of hope, fundraising for prisoners, and visiting them annually. Additionally, care for released prisoners is a vital component of their ministry. By joining Hope Behind Bars Inc., one can make a meaningful difference in the lives of Thai prisoners, offer compassion to those in need, and help facilitate their reintegration into society. Work for an organisation that truly values every individual and endeavors to bring hope and healing to those behind bars.