HousingFirst Ltd

Discover a rewarding career with HousingFirst Ltd, a vibrant and progressive not-for-profit organisation committed to providing affordable homes and strong local communities across Melbourne. With over 36 years of experience in the housing sector, HousingFirst has built a reputation as one of Victoria's fastest-growing community housing providers. The organisation's multi-award-winning achievements are a testament to their dedication and excellence in creating attractive, liveable homes for more than 2,000 residents. At HousingFirst, you'll be part of a passionate team that values collaboration, innovation, and social inclusion. The organisation fosters strong working relationships with stakeholders, including governments, developers, financiers, regulators, and industry groups to ensure they deliver the best possible results for their diverse community of residents. Their commitment goes beyond providing housing, as they focus on designing, financing, building, and managing residential projects that offer accessible and affordable places for people to call home. By joining HousingFirst, you'll help to enrich the lives of the most marginalized and create positive changes within local neighborhoods. Be part of an organisation that believes in treating every person with dignity and respect, while making a real difference in the lives of others. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute your skills and passion to the exciting field of not-for-profit community housing with HousingFirst Ltd.