IAESTE Australia Ltd.

IAESTE Australia Ltd. is an esteemed non-profit organisation dedicated to providing students and alumni with incredible overseas internship opportunities in diverse fields like science, engineering, and IT. By joining IAESTE Australia, you'll become a part of a global community that has collaborated with renowned organisations like Siemens, Boeing, and Microsoft. Imagine how inspiring it would be to work alongside industry leaders while expanding your cultural horizons! Beyond offering enriching internship experiences, IAESTE Australia is a student-run organisation. By becoming part of the organisation's vibrant committee, you'll gain invaluable leadership skills and make a real impact on individuals eagerly looking for unique challenges in their academic and professional journey. IAESTE Australia's alumni network connects old friends and new, fostering a sense of camaraderie and continuity. By joining this esteemed organisation, you'll build lasting connections in the global community. Moreover, IAESTE Australia is 100% volunteer-run, allowing you to be part of a passionate team that truly believes in the organisation's values and purpose. By contributing your time and energy to IAESTE Australia, you'll be playing an essential role in changing lives through empowering educational exchanges and cultural understanding. So, if you're ready to play an integral role in connecting talented individuals with life-changing opportunities, IAESTE Australia is the perfect organisation for you!