Imagine working at IMOVE Australia Ltd., a pioneering not-for-profit organisation dedicated to transforming the transport sector through cutting-edge research and development projects. With a strong focus on intelligent transport, freight, electric cars, and more, IMOVE is committed to devising innovative solutions that improve the mobility of citizens and goods in a sustainable manner. Collaborating with their extensive network of government, industry, and research partners, IMOVE fosters a dynamic, values-driven work environment that puts people and the environment at the heart of transportation. The organisation boasts a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from high-impact R&D collaborations to shaping the future of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in Australia. Harnessing the power of creative thinking, collaboration, and innovation, IMOVE widely invests in the education and growth of its employees, offering opportunities such as undergraduate student industry programs, industry PhD programs, and the chance to work alongside key researchers in the field. Are you passionate about making a significant difference in the world of mobility? Step up and join IMOVE Australia Ltd. to become an integral contributor to Australia's future of sustainable, intelligent, and efficient transportation systems.