Become a part of the inspiring journey with Intertwine Pty Ltd, an organisation that strives to create an environment of justice and equity in workplaces beyond the realms of diversity and inclusion. At Intertwine, you will be surrounded by professionals who are passionate about breaking through barriers of oppression and breaking down stereotypes. This innovative NFP is committed to helping organisations improve their internal policies and practices across six key areas: governance, events, employment and conditions, member relations, marketing and publicity, and buildings and amenity. By joining Intertwine's team, you'll contribute to their mission of empowering and supporting organisations in addressing intersectional challenges based on race, sexuality, gender, class, disability, and more. With training, mediation, policy reviews, and events planning, you'll be making a real difference in shaping the world's narrative about diversity and inclusion. At Intertwine, not only will you be part of championing social change, but you'll also collaborate with like-minded professionals dedicated to becoming allies in the fight against marginalization. Take this opportunity to turn your passions into impactful actions, and inspire others to embrace equity and justice in their lives and workplaces by joining the Intertwine family today.