At ISCAST (Institute for the Study of Christianity in an Age of Science and Technology), they believe that Christian faith and science can not only coexist but also thrive together. As a network of passionate individuals from students and lay people to distinguished academics, ISCAST is dedicated to exploring the interface between science, technology, and Christian faith to inspire meaningful conversations and understandings. With their mission to engage Australians in constructive conversations that blend Christian faith with the sciences, ISCAST hosts conferences, seminars, interviews, and provides academic journals that cater to everyone seeking enlightenment in this intriguing crossroad. By nurturing an environment that welcomes open-minded discussions, they tackle the false notion of destructive conflict between faith and science, aiming to bring harmony between the two. If you're seeking an organisation that truly appreciates and explores the wonders of both scientific and spiritual realms, then a career at ISCAST might be your calling. By joining their efforts, you can play an integral role in creating a more understanding and balanced society where faith and science are viewed as complementary, rather than conflicting.