Iearn Australia

IEarn Australia is a values-driven nonprofit organisation that empowers young minds to create a positive impact on the world. A founding member of iEARN International, this organisation takes pride in connecting Australian students with their peers across the globe through collaborative educational projects that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For over 30 years, IEarn Australia has been dedicated to nurturing the potential of young people, encouraging them to venture beyond their comfort zones and embrace different cultures and perspectives. As a result, students develop critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, citizenship, and character skills. By joining our team at IEarn Australia, you would not only be contributing to the upliftment of global education, but also cultivating a sense of global citizenship in the next generation. We believe in empowering students by exposing them to diverse cultural narratives and guiding them to create meaningful change for our planet and its people. Here, passion for education meets commitment to creating a better world, and we are looking for like-minded individuals to champion our mission. If you aspire to inspire and make a lasting difference, join IEarn Australia today and become a part of our global community dedicated to crafting a sustainable future.