Indonesian Christian Family Church

Indonesian Christian Family Church (ICFC) is a vibrant, diverse, and compassionate community that seeks to create a living church which gives life. Rooted in the principles of the Gereja Bethel Indonesia, ICFC aims to be an inspiring and supportive spiritual home for all who wish to join. At the heart of ICFC's mission is a commitment to nurturing growth and strengthening relationships through various programs and fellowships, such as Abide Kids, Xtreem Teenagers, Radiant Youth, Enlight Young Adults, and Women Fellowship. Through these diverse outreach initiatives, ICFC encourages its members to explore, engage, and connect with others to achieve a sense of belonging and purpose. Moreover, with an array of ministries like discipleship, prayer tower, Lexington Garden Service, and baptism, ICFC helps individuals blossom in their faith journey, providing guidance and encouragement every step of the way. Choosing to work for ICFC means joining a close-knit family that celebrates unity and diversity, cultivates empathy, and fosters a spirit of inclusiveness. Surrounded by passionate and dedicated individuals, the organisation's driving force is the belief that together, they can create a thriving, purpose-driven community. By working at ICFC, you will have the unique opportunity to positively impact lives, share love and compassion, and truly make a difference in the wider community. So why wait? Be a part of something meaningful and let your talents shine at Indonesian Christian Family Church.