Institute For Economics And Peace Limited

The Institute for Economics and Peace Limited (IEP) is a unique organisation that aims to make a profound impact on the world by promoting a greater understanding of peace and its economic value. They are dedicated to using data-driven research to demonstrate that peace is not just a utopian dream but a tangible and achievable measure of human well-being and development. Headquartered in Sydney, and with global offices in New York, Brussels, Mexico City, The Hague, and Harare, the IEP works tirelessly to foster a paradigm shift in how the world approaches the concept of peace. Employment at IEP offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work alongside internationally renowned experts in areas such as measuring peace, understanding risk, economics of peace, and promoting positive peace. IEP employees have the chance to contribute to groundbreaking publications like the Global Terrorism Index and to play a significant role in educating over 1 million people around the globe about peace through the IEP Peace Academy. If you are passionate about making a difference in the world and aspires to be part of a team creating lasting and meaningful change, then the Institute of Economics and Peace Limited is the perfect organisation for you to embark on an inspiring and fulfilling career path.