Interserve Development Limited

Interserve Development Limited is a dedicated not-for-profit organisation driven by the unwavering belief in the power of ordinary people to create extraordinary change. As a compassionate and like-minded community, they devote their skills and resources to transform the lives of the most marginalized communities across the Arab world, Asia, and Australia. At the heart of their work lies a steadfast commitment to partnering with Christ's church, sharing His love and vision for a better tomorrow. By joining their team, you will be an essential part of an organisation that thrives on wholistic, practical, and sustainable solutions, and believes in the importance of equipping the body of Christ to reach out to the world around it. You'll have the opportunity to work alongside passionate individuals who are making a genuine impact in areas such as refugee support, environmental care, women empowerment, and intercultural understanding. Embrace this unique and fulfilling opportunity to put your faith into action and become a part of the inspiring Interserve family. Together, you'll strive to change the world by uplifting those who need it most and sharing the gift of love, hope, and belonging in their journey towards a brighter future.