Iona Presentation College Asspa Committee

Iona Presentation College Asspa Committee is a dynamic, values-driven organisation committed to providing quality education rooted in the traditions of the Presentation Sisters. Founded in 1907, the College offers a nurturing and inclusive learning environment, focusing on developing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to make a meaningful impact in an ever-changing world. At its core, Iona Presentation College stands for excellence, learning, justice, compassion, courage, integrity, and hospitality, fostering a strong sense of service and justice for all. The College provides a co-educational experience for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6, and an all-girls environment for Year 7 to Year 12 students. Dedicated staff, equipped with first-class facilities, support student learning using contemporary pedagogies, encouraging a lifelong passion for learning. In addition to its strong academic programs, Iona Presentation College recognises the importance of connection and community. A wide range of extra-curricular activities and development opportunities are available, promoting personal and social growth, as well as a sense of belonging. Embodying the spirit of Nano Nagle, who shone her lantern for others, the College aims to inspire its students to be a transformative force in the world. Join the Iona Presentation College Asspa Committee and make a difference in shaping bright futures and strong communities, where all are welcome and every student's story is celebrated.