Irvinebank School Of Arts And Progress Association Inc

At the Irvinebank School of Arts and Progress Association Inc, they are passionate about preserving the rich history and heritage architecture of North Queensland's best-kept secret - Irvinebank. This organisation seeks talented and dedicated individuals who share their love for living history and want to contribute to cultivating an authentic experience for visitors exploring Irvinebank's historic attractions. Joining this not-for-profit team, you will have the opportunity to work in a values-driven organisation where devotion, cooperation, and community spirit are the driving force. You will help maintain and preserve the local museum, participate in their social events, and inspire tourists to immerse themselves in the past. By working with the Irvinebank School of Arts and Progress Association Inc, you will be part of an organisation determined to make a difference in preserving Irvinebank's rich cultural history. This is your opportunity to impact the future by keeping the past alive, engaging with locals, and creating lifelong memories for those discovering this hidden gem. Discover the opportunities waiting for you and become a guardian of this historical treasure - join the team today!