Jubilee Community Service Incorporated

Jubilee Community Service Incorporated (JCS) is a compassionate not-for-profit organisation dedicated to serving and uplifting the residents of the Georges River Council Local Government Area and neighbouring suburbs. Founded on the principles of empathy, inclusivity, and community-building, JCS caters to individuals from all walks of life, including the frail aged, people with dementia, young families, and those with mental health issues. Staffed by enthusiastic and passionate volunteers, JCS offers a wide array of services ranging from adult leisure learning programs and exercise classes to quality child care and support for people with mental health concerns. JCS also takes pride in collaborating with local professionals and experts to provide interactive workshops focused on family and child development, ensuring the needs of growing families are met. Join the JCS team, and find satisfaction in knowing that you are making a lasting positive impact on countless lives. Together, let's foster an inclusive, caring, and vibrant community that embraces diversity and upholds the values of love and togetherness. Stand with JCS, and become an agent of change in the heart of the Georges River community.