Kingdom Community Life Care Ltd. (KCLC) is a values-driven, benevolent organisation passionately dedicated to the prosperity of the Logan City community in Queensland, Australia. Founded by locals deeply invested in the area's future, KCLC envisions a life-affirming city that fosters empowerment, equality, and social, economic, and ecological justice through a cooperative commonwealth. KCLC is on a mission to make Logan City increasingly life-affirming for its people by ensuring access to basic needs, education, and training, as well as shared business systems that support each individual's successful transition into work or co-ownership in a cooperative. They believe in the power of economic localism, focusing on job creation through entrepreneurship and worker ownership while maintaining a harmonious relationship with the environment and cultivating a strong local identity. At KCLC, they acknowledge that overcoming life's early barriers can build self-confidence and unlock each person's potential. By employing a case management approach and connecting individuals to the network of services in Logan City, KCLC aims to provide a supportive context where everyone can flourish. Through cooperative education and shared business structures, KCLC empowers people to take control of their lives and contribute to the growth of the community. Join the KCLC team today and make a difference in the lives of the people in Logan City, where their diverse and inclusive culture welcomes individuals from all walks of life.