Kadjina Community Inc

Kadjina Community Inc is a remarkable organisation that truly embodies the power of community, education, and inspiration. Home to the Wulungarra Community School, they are dedicated to providing high-quality education and resources for lifelong learning to their community members in a nurturing environment. Located 200 km from Fitzroy Crossing, the school serves as the heart of their remote Aboriginal community, comprising seventeen houses situated on the South of Noonkanbah. Despite the lack of support services readily available, the community thrives thanks to their strong reliance on teamwork and unity. Kadjina Community Inc values the importance of culture and heritage, incorporating these elements into their schooling curriculum and pastoral care, while also offering a variety of educational experiences and excursions. The robust school facilities, including the dynamic Millijiddee Airstrip, help to shape the next generation of community leaders and lifelong learners. Working with Kadjina Community Inc, you'll find yourself part of an inspiring and empowering organisation that is deeply committed to their community and passionate about making a lasting impact on the lives of their students. Join their team and be part of a collaborative and dedicated network that is transforming the future for the better, one student at a time.