Kalwun Development Corporation Limited

Kalwun Development Corporation Limited is a dedicated and compassionate organisation, providing a unique combination of health, community care, family support, housing and cultural services to the Gold Coast community in Australia. As a values-driven non-profit organisation, Kalwun's mission is to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and their families in overcoming challenges and enhancing their overall well-being. At Kalwun, employees have the opportunity to make a significant impact by offering various services, including primary health care, dental services, aged care, disability programs, child and family support, and affordable housing. The organisation is committed to fostering meaningful relationships with the local community and ensuring equitable access to essential resources. By joining Kalwun Development Corporation, you will be part of a diverse and supportive team dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families, and communities. With a strong focus on cultural respect, inclusivity, and continuous improvement, Kalwun offers a truly enriching and fulfilling work environment for those who are passionate about contributing to a greater cause. So, let's come together and help transform lives by building a brighter future for the communities we serve.