Kendall RSL sub-Branch (RSL NSW)

Kendall RSL sub-Branch is a compassionate and dedicated member-based charity in New South Wales, striving to support and honor its veterans and their families. The organisation, as part of RSL NSW, is committed to helping veterans in their transition from service to civilian life, offering resources such as employment opportunities, medical assistance, and financial aid. With over 320 sub-Branches networked in RSL NSW, Kendall RSL sub-Branch plays an essential role in the larger community. By joining the Kendall RSL sub-Branch or working in their organisation, you will be part of a noble purpose of respecting, supporting, and remembering the sacrifices and services of the veterans and their families. Your involvement in this organisation empowers you to make a positive impact within the veteran community while connecting you with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to advocacy and support. Inspiring a strong sense of mateship, the sub-Branch's diverse events include ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, and other commemorative occasions, fostering connection and honoring the past. Be part of the Kendall RSL sub-Branch's mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the veterans and their families, continuing the spirit of camaraderie and support built through service. Your contribution will leave a lasting impact, reflecting the essence of the RSL NSW vision – respect, support, and remembrance.