Kingdom Light Christian Centre Inc

Kingdom Light Christian Centre Inc is a warm and loving not-for-profit organisation that seeks to create a positive impact in the community through the power of faith and love. This multi-generational and multicultural family embraces individuals from all walks of life, united by their love for Jesus and service to His people. Working for Kingdom Light Christian Centre means being part of a compassionate, vibrant, and dedicated team that focuses on inspiring and positively influencing the people of Perth and beyond. Employees and volunteers at Kingdom Light have the unique opportunity to make meaningful connections with individuals across various age groups, as well as engage with families to help foster their spiritual growth. The Centre's wide range of activities and outreach programs, such as missions, prayer, worship, and events, ensure that team members are constantly engaged in inspiring work, driven by strong values and a shared vision for a better world. Kingdom Light also takes pride in its multicultural community, allowing for an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone is welcomed as they are. If you are searching for a fulfilling and purpose-driven career, look no further than Kingdom Light Christian Centre Inc. Join them in their mission to inspire and impact hearts through living out the love of Jesus Christ, helping to enrich the lives of those in the community and beyond.