Koinonia Christian Academy Inc School

Koinonia Christian Academy Inc School is a warm and nurturing environment, where staff and students alike foster a strong sense of togetherness, community and purpose. Founded on the principles of faith and the love of Jesus, this not-for-profit school in Bourke, NSW, is dedicated to providing high-quality, Christ-centred education to its vibrant and diverse student body. At Koinonia, their mission goes beyond just academics. They strive to instil strong moral values, a sense of responsibility, and a commitment to serve others in their students. The dedicated team of professionals at Koinonia work tirelessly to create an enriching educational experience that emphasizes spiritual growth, personal development and academic excellence. As a member of the Koinonia family, the potential candidate will have the unique opportunity to actively engage in shaping the lives of young people, while also growing personally and professionally within a supportive and caring community. Joining Koinonia means becoming part of a larger mission: to share the love of Jesus through Christian education and make a positive, lasting impact in the world. If you are passionate about making a difference and desire to be part of an organisation that cherishes the values of faith, love and service, Koinonia Christian Academy Inc School is the perfect place for you!