Kuditj Pty Ltd

Kuditj Pty Ltd is a remarkable Indigenous-owned and operated not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing accessible training, work experience, and employment opportunities to clients from all walks of life. Founded in 1997 by Kaarta-Moorda Aboriginal Corporation (KMAC), Kuditj continues to foster positive change through pre-employment programs like Parents Next (PN) and Disability Employment Service (DES) while also offering innovative job-ready programs and training through their Registered Training Company, Kuditj Training. As a potential team member, you will be inspired by their commitment to empower the Indigenous community and those interested in Indigenous culture, which can be seen through their award-winning radio station, Noongar Radio. Kuditj boasts more than just an enriching work environment; participate in their Kuditj Kitchen initiative, a program designed to provide hospitality training for those aspiring to excel in the field. Come join Kuditj, an organisation that truly values the continuation of cultural, spiritual, and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and embark on a fulfilling journey of growth, diversity, and community impact.