La Trobe University Student Union Inc.

La Trobe University Student Union Inc. (LTSU) is a passionate and committed organisation dedicated to enhancing the student life experience of its members. Staffed by a dynamic team of individuals, LTSU prides itself on fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all students at La Trobe University. With a strong focus on advocacy and empowerment, the student union represents the diverse interests and needs of its members. As an employer, LTSU understands the importance of nurturing talent and providing opportunities for professional growth. The organisation is dedicated to upholding values of respect, integrity, and collaboration within its workplace culture. Working for LTSU means not only contributing to a meaningful mission, but also being part of a community that values diversity, inclusiveness, and respect. Beyond day-to-day operations, LTSU is known for its engaging events, thriving clubs and societies, support services for international and mature age students, and proactive representation of student interests in university policies and decisions. The organisation has a strong track record of achieving meaningful change, such as securing parking permit refunds and the return of the Glider bus services. Joining the La Trobe University Student Union team means being part of an organisation that truly makes a difference. Play a pivotal role in shaping an inspiring and supportive experience for the student community, and be part of an exciting journey towards a brighter future for all at La Trobe University.