Lauriston Girls' School

Lauriston Girls' School is a prestigious, non-denominational educational institution in Australia, dedicated to empowering future generations of strong, confident, and talented women leaders. recognised for its progressive and innovative approach to education, Lauriston provides a nurturing and supportive environment for girls from 3-year-old kindergarten right through to Year 12. By choosing to work at Lauriston, you'll join a community of dedicated educators who strive to instill in their students the five core values of engagement, intellectual curiosity, courage, creativity, and strong relationships. Enriching the lives of young women, Lauriston encourages them to be lifelong learners, ethical, and compassionate global citizens committed to shaping a better world. At Lauriston, you'll work alongside dedicated professionals and educators who value diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. The school fosters a culture of optimism, collaboration, and celebration, providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of age, gender, ability, race, religion, sexuality, or culture. Be a part of an inspiring and dynamic team, and help shape the future of these extraordinary young women at Lauriston Girls' School.