Lighthouse Foundation

At Lighthouse Foundation, they're in the business of transforming lives. With their unwavering commitment to ending youth homelessness, this unique not-for-profit organisation provides homes and therapeutic care to young people in need, and offers them the support they need to heal, grow, and achieve a lifelong sense of belonging. Join their incredible journey, and see firsthand the powerful impact your work will have on the lives of vulnerable kids. With a proven track record of breaking the cycle of homelessness for 8 out of 10 young people, Lighthouse Foundation plays a crucial role in fostering positive change within communities. As a Lighthouse Foundation team member, you'll be part of a caring, compassionate group of professionals who are dedicated to giving kids the nurturing environment they need to thrive. Their holistic approach to care includes providing safe, stable homes, individualised therapeutic support, and a range of wraparound services that help young people develop strong, healthy relationships and reach their full potential. Ready to make a difference in the lives of kids experiencing homelessness and trauma? Join the Lighthouse Foundation team and be a part of their life-changing mission. With your help, they can continue to build brighter futures for young people in need.