Lyric Opera of Melbourne Inc

Step into the vibrant world of Lyric Opera of Melbourne Inc, an innovative, values-driven organisation dedicated to enriching lives with rare and reimagined operatic experiences. Established in 2003, this bold and creative opera company focuses on developing operatic artists, building new audiences, and expanding the operatic repertoire by providing a platform for lesser-known works. At Lyric Opera, the passion for creativity flows in every corner, as they produce exploratory music-based theatre using contemporary practices that challenge, engage, and inspire both artists and audiences alike. Be part of a team that hosts events, concerts, and productions featuring the works of renowned Australian composers and talented performers. When you join Lyric Opera, you contribute to a powerful mission of showcasing lesser-known masterpieces and ensuring that underrepresented voices in the operatic landscape are heard. With a supportive and dedicated team of creative artists, production staff, and musicians, your work within this organisation will have a lasting impact on the lives of artists, audiences, and the greater arts community in Melbourne. So, if you're looking to ignite your passion for music and theatre, and collaborate with a dynamic and inspiring team, look no further than Lyric Opera of Melbourne Inc. Discover a remarkable opportunity to contribute to the cultural fabric of the city as you inspire and captivate others with the transformative power of opera.