MAS National Limited

MAS National Limited strives to create an empowering environment that fosters the growth and development of individuals, employers, and communities. As a proudly part of IntoWork Australia, their mission is focused on supporting workforce employment and creating innovative opportunities for career transitions and advancement. With their range of services encompassing support for job seekers, apprentices, trainees, and employers, MAS National Limited is dedicated to facilitating seamless transitions towards fulfilling and successful careers. Their employment programs extend to mentoring, networking, and providing resources for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and women in various trades. Working at MAS National Limited provides a unique opportunity to make a tangible impact on people's lives while contributing to the growth and success of various industries. By joining their team, you will be part of a values-driven organisation that believes in nurturing the skills and talents of its employees while fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment. Take the first step towards a meaningful and rewarding career with MAS National Limited and be inspired by the countless success stories and positive change they continue to create for communities across Australia.